The 6 Benefits Of Birkenstock


BIRKENSTOCK sandals are becoming more and more popular, so you can often see them in the streets. That’s not surprising at all because Birkenstocks have many advantages. For example, they are comfortable and last a very long time. In addition, due to the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed, Birkenstocks are stable and can also be worn on long trips. If you still hesitate to buy them, read further and discover more about BIRKENSTOCK benefits.

  1. Birkenstocks come in a vast number of colors and styles 

Birkenstocks are, will remain, and have always been very trendy. Whether with jeans, skirts, or trousers – these sandals can be easily combined with any item of clothing.

And that’s because they’re available in numerous materials, designs, and colors. Of course, Brown and black are very popular, but brighter colors such as pink and orange are also popular.

In recent years, the collection has been expanded with trendy models, shades, and prints. This makes Birkenstocks easy to combine and fit with any outfit. Whether chic with white trousers or summery shorts, you basically can’t go wrong with BIRKENSTOCK Arizona. But, of course, you can also wear these sandals as home slippers. With Birkenstocks available in various versions, you will always find a pair that meet your needs and suit your style. 

  1. The original BIRKENSTOCK footbed supports your feet

The secret of Birkenstocks is the original footbed. The word footbed was introduced in 1930 and has since been synonymous with an anatomically shaped sole with supportive properties. Although the BIRKENSTOCK footbed also supports and corrects foot problems, it was initially developed to keep feet healthy. After all, it’s always better to prevent than to cure! The original BIRKENSTOCK footbed gives you a long-lasting, comfortable feeling as if you were stepping barefoot in the sand. It has a shock-absorbing effect and stimulates the foot to move. This improves blood circulation and keeps the muscles active, both in the feet and in the legs. The anatomically performed sole supports the foot while walking, avoids pressure on the sole, and relieves the feet, the joints, and the back. The unparalleled comfort and optimal foot position are guaranteed by using natural cork, jute, high-quality natural latex, and velvety soft, breathable suede as the lining in the footbed. In short, Birkenstocks support health and promote well-being.

This makes these comfortable shoes very popular for professional use. You can walk for hours in your Birkenstocks without getting any pain in your feet and back. As a result, Birkenstocks have become part of the uniform in the healthcare sector, hospitals, retirement homes, and even the catering industry.

  1. BIRKENSTOCK sandals are durable, and you will have them for decades

You can wear Birkenstocks all year round, and they will last for years. After five years, most Birkenstocks still look like new. Thanks to the material composition of BIRKENSTOCK footwear, the more they are used, the more they adapt to their owner, so a long-term, firm-footed love for BIRKENSTOCK sandals is guaranteed.

  1. Birkenstocks are made of natural, renewable, and non-toxic materials

The upper material of Birkenstocks is always provided with a soft layer on the inside. This is gentle on the skin and prevents blisters and irritation. The upper is often made of leather and suede. This gives Birkenstocks a special look. 

Birkenstocks are made of durable, natural materials. In addition, the BIRKENSTOCK footbed is moisture-regulating, so these shoes breathe, which means that you won’t get sweaty feet. And as mentioned before, the footbed ensures good blood circulation. So you will always experience a pleasant feeling when you wear your Birkenstocks.

  1. They look amazing on men and women

BIRKENSTOCK is inextricably linked to women’s fashion. However, the German shoe manufacturer’s offer is versatile, with sandals for both women and men

Birkenstocks are perfect for any person looking for a shoe that is comfortable and fashionable. Many male celebrities have already been spotted wearing Birkenstocks. 

What’s more, most Birkenstocks are unisex, so there is no difference between a women’s sandal or a men’s sandal. Both the shoe sizes and the width measurements are the same. So choose your standard size! 

  1. BIRKENSTOCK sandals come in two different widths, normal and narrow

In addition to the shoe size, the foot width is an essential factor of the fit when buying shoes. That’s why BIRKENSTOCK offers two width options: wide and narrow. You can recognize the wide footbed because it’s shown on the shoe box and the inside of the shoe with an outlined, uncolored foot. Two different widths offer your feet the best possible comfort. Your feet should lie loosely in the footbed and not touch the edges clearly or even protrude. 

Bonus: Annimals love Birkenstocks too!


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