5 Tips To Style Slippers For Women


Slippers are a statement of comfort and leisure. And there is no denying how much freedom your feet get from wearing them at home after a long day outdoors. These slippers are also widely used outdoors, and no one will stop anyone from wearing these harmless carriers of comfort. If you are also a freak for slippers or prefer slippers for how they relax your feet, you must be wearing them all the time. But did you not know wearing slippers for women can also be stylish? Then it will be due to a lack of knowledge of how to style them. Read on to know in detail about the five important tips to style slippers for women.

Choose Comfort Over Style

The first rule in wearing any footwear will be to select comfort over style. But as slippers in themselves are comfort symbols, you only need to worry about style. To select an apt type of slippers that matches your feet, know the types of slippers for women available. Yes. Types. You are unaware of several types of slippers, like flip flops, arch support, clog, bootie, house, knitted, slip-on, novelty, toe-thong, scuff, slider, socks, and boots slippers. While most are only suitable for homes, you can still wear a few for your outdoor ventures.

Avoid Disproportionate Fits

A loose-fit pair of slippers is very troublesome, if not dangerous. As there is much space between the feet and slippers while walking, the chances of stumbling are very high because of the flexibility and foldability of the slippers. Similar are the effects of wearing tight-fit slippers. If your toes and heels are outside the sole of the flat-soled slipper, then chances of injury from other objects are also present. So always prefer a pair of slippers for women which fits perfectly and can contain the whole feet within the sole.

Considerations For The Almost Bare Feet

Almost all the slippers are open. They have a sole on the bottom and a toe-thong or partial cover over the toe region. So you can say your entire feet are almost bare. So it would be best if you took some precautions to avoid damage to the skin on your feet. You can use lotions and creams to keep them moisturized and avoid chaffing due to the constant friction. And if there are any pigmentations in your feet, toes in particular, due to constant friction, you can also use an occasional pedicure to exfoliate the skin in those regions.

Match Slipper And Clothes Colors

Matching the color of your dress according to the color of your slippers helps in highlighting them. It helps others recognize a pre-meditated pattern of clothing in you rather than the false notion of you just wearing any dress with any pair of slippers found lying around.

Avoid Bizarre Dress Code Combinations With Slippers

Even if you enjoy wearing slippers all the time, some outfits don’t go with a pair of slippers. Some common clothes you should avoid wearing with slippers are gowns, suits, traditional wear, and any other type of formal wear. These clothes have a particular etiquette that you should follow, and wearing slippers with them is uncanny.


These tips to stylize wearing slippers for women will be extremely useful if you prefer the comfort of slippers over any other footwear. By following these, you can ensure that you still look stylish while wearing a simple pair of slippers. If you are crazy about slippers and wish to have a few in your wardrobe collection, then you must certainly visit the Snapdeal website. They have a huge collection of footwear and slippers suitable for every occasion. Please look at Snapdeal’s collection before purchasing from any other source to get a rough idea of how much discount they provide on branded slippers. So log in to Snapdeal today to avoid missing out on such a great opportunity for collection and discounts.


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