5 Things You Didn’t Know About the New Year


New Year’s a day away and all of us are gearing up for the year ahead! While we get ready to embrace the new year which promises hopes of a new beginning, here are 5 things you didn’t know about the New Year!

January 1st is celebrated as the beginning of the New Year, courtesy Julius Caesar

Ever since the Gregorian calendar has come into being, we have celebrated the New Year on January 1st since it is based on the Julian calendar (which is named after Julius Caesar) and January was named numero uno.

January is named after the Roman God Janus

January is named after a Roman god, Janus, who was described to have had two faces. He is reported to have had one face looking forward and the other, looking backward.

The ball drop in Times Square is over a 100 years old

Times Square was earlier known as One Times Square. The first ever ball drop at the now Times Square and then One Times Square was on December 31st, 1907. Back in 1907, the concept of the ball drop came into existence because of a ban on fireworks. The tradition of the ball drop has continued over the years.

Leafy greens and beans for prosperity

New Year tradition says people generally eat more leafy greens and beans on New Year. Beans apparently resemble coins and so are symbolic of prosperity.

1994 = 2016

Check the calendar of 1994 and that of 2016. What do you find? Yes, the 1994 calendar is exactly the same as the 2016 calendar. Weekends fall on the same dates the coming year as they did, 22 years ago! Interesting, isn’t it?
We hope you have a fantastic New Year’s Eve! Here’s wishing all of you a rocking 2016!


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