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Apple as everyone knows has been the epitome of creativity and innovation not only in the hardware side but also in the software, especially in developing apps. The iStore has been constantly been on the top and is continuing giving stiff competition to the android market. I would discuss five apps here which have got the highest number of downloads and which actually makes you dumbstruck. In order to have better clarity on how the app functions I have added videos taken on my mac

 1. Flutter

This is the one of the coolest apps I have ever seen. This eventually did come up in the android market (Obvious) but the number of people who have downloaded this app has increased to an enormous level. It is actually difficult to use screen capture and demonstrates what this app actually does and hence I am using iMovie to give you a clear idea of what this app actually does.

As soon as i open flutter it then dominates and takes control of any music application, which is active on the lap (iTunes, vlc etc.), webcam does get activated subsequently. When you first load the application it would guide you through a series of gestures which can actually be very useful. Once you have loaded the gesture reload the app, once you are done with that open iTunes and show your palm in front of the webcam (the congress symbol) It automatically plays the song in the itunes(Cool isn’t it?). The same gesture is used to pause the song. This was how the app was the first time it released, the developers dint make people wait long for an update and within ten days, I get a notification regarding the same. The update gave flutter gain control of not only iTunes but also vlc and MPX player and it also had gestures for forward and rewind. The complete working and gestures of the app have clearly been put in the video, please do have a look.

2. Screen Capture

Many of us are aware of what a screen shot is, and for those of you who are unaware if this let me tell you that it replicates the information on the screen in the form of a photo. The screen shot facility in windows is a herculean task; apple n the other hand has converted this tedious task into a piece of cake (Shift + Command +3). There is various software we keep installing in our laptops/desktops which have certain complex steps and it’s actually difficult to recollect all the steps. Apple with its developers has developed this amazing app and has helped many people in many ways. This captures all the activities going on in the laptop in form of a video and not only does it record the video, it does the same for the audio as well. Once you wish to stop the recording there is an icon, which appears at the top, which has to be clicked. For a better understanding do have a look at the video.

3. iClapper

The name does talk a lot about this really cool app! All the user has to do is clap and enjoy the software work. This app does take in many inputs from you when you first load the app and takes into account the acoustics of each clap. Once you have completed this simple step, you are now ready to experience something, which you never imagined you would. There are various options which are pre defined in the lap but the free version would only activate three of them, for the rest you need to buy the app. The first one is the best, all you need to do is clap twice and iTunes would start playing the song. The next feature involves the user to clap thrice and this would result in the lap speaking out the time with a voice, which is loaded in the app. The third feature needs four claps for activation and it would speak out anything you have typed earlier. In the video I have entered “ Nikhil Rocks” (Yeah that’s me) and it would spell that out eventually. The only disadvantage is that it does take about five seconds to recognize the clap but, I am pretty sure that this drawback would be rectified I the next update. All the lazy users out there I got something special for you. Just imagine how cool it would be if you can switch of your lap by just one clap. Sound’s great? It is available in the app store for 20$.

4. Verbalise

This is one app, which would actually make you laugh V(Not literally). As soon as the app is clicked it pops out a small box, which has an area to type. You can enter anything you wish to; in the video I have entered “Durofy Rocks”). The funny part is that it has an American slang and once you enter words from your regional languages you would understand why I said this app is funny. This does not have only one voice, but there are many other pre-defined voices and trust me, they are very entertaining.

5. Snap And Drag

The name sounds cool isn’t it? Once you know how this app works you would eventually know that the praise given to this app is an understatement. I have already given you an insight about what a screen shot is and if suppose a person need only a part of the screen to be shot then it takes lot of effort. The normal method being taking a screen shot and then crop the part required using Preview software and then saving the pic again. This is simplified using Snap And Drag. This allows you to select the part of the screen you want and take a snapshot of it. There are other features, which is shown in the video.

These are some of the really cool apps Apple has designed. I hope you did like the post. If you would like me to brief you on various other apps do drop in a comment.


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