5 Reasons Whistleblowing Is Essential


If you’ve ever watched any kind of action-packed crime film, you already know just how valuable a small tip can be for justice. And even though the real-world experience of a corporate whistleblower reporting fraud does not consist of secret meetings in abandoned parking lots or risky and riddle-like payphone tip-offs, whistleblowers’ info is often exceptionally valuable.   

Not only can these tips lead to government penalties and criminal charges, but workers’ compensation for misconduct is also often relevant. Whistleblowers can file a civil lawsuit to receive compensation.   

So, if you are thinking about blowing the prolific whistle on misconduct within your workplace, here are five reasons why whistleblowing is essential.  

Most Corporate Fraud Is Unveiled Through Whistleblowing 

Over 40% of corporate fraud is detected through whistleblower information. As a result, whistleblowing unveils more fraud than management review, accidents, external audits, internal audits, surveillance, confessions, and even law enforcement. These instances conclude the most prevalent ways of uncovering corporate fraud, and whistleblowers prove essential in this regard.  

When it comes to compensation for valuable corporate fraud tip-offs, whistleblowers stand to receive between ten to thirty percent of the government’s total recovery.  

 Fraud Costs Taxpayers Billions Every Year 

It’s easy enough to turn a blind eye to fraudulent misconduct within your workplace; you’re there to get your job done, and it might seem like the illicit activity does not directly affect you. However, this common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth because corporate fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year. 

Reporting fraud is a service for everyone because examples like health care fraud, kickbacks, securities fraud, and accounts payable fraud impact all taxpayers.  

There Are Safe Channels 

Many employees feel they will be putting their employment in jeopardy by reporting fraud through the company whistleblower protocols. Unfortunately, this channel often reaps poor results for the whistleblower. 

There are safe channels to report fraud, even if your employer is involved. Instead of considering your company’s pipeline, consult a whistleblower lawyer.   

Protect The Company’s Future 

Corporate fraud can inevitably lead a business to failure. Unfortunately, ignoring fraud lends a hand in the company’s ultimate closure.  

On the other hand, by reporting fraud and misconduct, you will be doing a service for the future of the company and all your colleagues who depend on their incomes.  

Uphold A Standard For Justice 

An inside eye typically has the most valuable perspective, and for this reason, whistleblower information often helps justice reach places that it would not otherwise reach.   

Fraud is a serious offense that impacts everyone in an organization and all taxpayers. You will also be upholding a standard for justice by reporting fraud, setting the pace for other employees who might also have valuable info to turn over.  

If you are skeptical about reporting fraud or other instances of misconduct within your workplace, it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s wise to take the moral high ground; you have valuable information, safe channels, and legal protection. What’s more, your decision to hand over information helps to eliminate corporate crimes. 


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