5 Olympics Moments at Rio that made all Indians Proud



In a not so sport frenzy nation like ours, Rio Olympics was a eye opener for most of us. Indians are now realising the glory and importance  of sportsmen and sportsmanship and how India needs to be more encouraging and supportive of all the athletes in India who aspire to become great sportsmen globally. 120 members represented  India at the Olympics this year, and the Excitement couldn’t be contained. People cheered, supported and showered love on  their fellow Indian sportsmen who participated in the Olympics. Though our Indian media was a buzzkill with all its negative, sexist media coverage, that did not dampen the spirit of india at the Olympics. They bagged one bronze and one silver, and a whole lot of respect and love for their undermining hard work and dedication.

Here are 5 of the most cherished Olympics moments that made us all proud.

1) That match was nail biting, the excitement was contagious, that moment when P.V. SINDU became the first Indian athlete to bag a silver medal at the Olympics. Our prime minister  Mr. Narendra modi  along with the whole nation cheered and supported her all through the game. That kind of love can never go wrong!

PV Sindhu- Rio Olympics - 2016

2) This is easily one of the most intense, nerve wrecking matches we witnessed at the Olympics this year. Just when we wanted to give up, and all hope was lost, our hero in her last few minutes re wrote the whole result. She changed history in just the last few seconds with her victory. Yes we’re talking about SAKSHI MALIK, the tough woman  who won india’s first medal in women’s wrestling! What a proud moment indeed!


3) DIPA  KARMAKAR is a beautiful, enthusiastic gymnast; she is the first ever Indian female gymnast to compete in the Olympics. The whole nation was awestruck as she performed the “produnova” or “death vault” and she did so effortlessly. The whole nation showered her with love and support, as she become the first Indian gymnast to enter Olympics, and she finished fourth in style. You go girl!

Deepa Karmakar - Rio Olympics - 2016

4) This young bundle of talent is just 18 years, she took up the sport just 8 months back and marched into the Olympics effortlessly. ADITI ASHOK, the only Indian female golfer at the Olympics stormed into the finals! All of that with just 8 months practice, I wonder where she’ll get with a few years of practice! She might have not won a medal,but she surely has won all our hearts!


5) Once afraid of water, DATTU  BHOKANAL now ranks among the best in one of the toughest water sports in the world. He finished 4th in the men’s single sculls event. This sportsman worked as a stone cutter in a village in Maharashtra. Unaware that his destiny would unfold to make him world famous, and be ranked among the top, in a world sport he once feared. Talk about irony, this is irony in its true inspirational form!



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