5 Mobile Wallets You Should Check Out and Upgrade to


The concept of mobile wallets is fast catching up among people. It is easier to use mobile wallets for the sheer convenience they offer since most people use a smartphone these days. Mobile wallets prove to be useful on many fronts including recharging phone currency and buying products online. Here we list 5 mobile wallets you should check out!


Website: https://paytm.com/


PayTM is one of the most popular mobile wallets currently used by Indians. The parent company of PayTM is One97 Communications which is headed by Vijay Kumar Sharma. Most of your utility bills such as electricity, cable, telephone and so on can be paid using PayTM. Even your datacard and currency recharges can be done using this wallet. Apart from this, one can also transfer money from one’s account to another. PayTM is available on Android, Windows, Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry devices.


Website: https://www.oxigenwallet.com/


Oxigen is yet another mobile wallet that has proved to be a lifesaver on many occasions for people across the country. The Oxigen mobile wallet offers three broad services – recharge, bill payments, and money transfer. The next time you have almost forgotten to pay your internet bills, you know where to go! Oxigen is available on Android, Windows, and Apple devices.

Citrus Pay

Website: http://www.citruspay.com/


Citrus Pay is a mobile wallet accessible by both consumers and merchants. They are a funded startup in the mobile wallet space. One can save the account details on the app so you can access them easily the next time you need to use it. The Citrus Pay mobile wallet is available for Apple and Android devices only.


Website: https://www.mrupee.in


Another mobile wallet in the Indian mobile wallet space is mRupee. This lets you not just pay bills, load wallet, or shop and book tickets, but also offers deals from various retailers. So, you can use the coupon codes and shop from these retailers so you get some discounts. The mRupee app is currently available for Android devices.


Website: https://www.freecharge.in/


Freecharge is a mobile wallet which has a number of payment options. They have tie-ups with many retail and food companies including Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee and others. Freecharge lets you recharge phones, pay your DTH (TV) bills and other utility bills as well. Freecharge is available Android, Windows, and Apple devices. apart from this, there is also a mobile site for those who wish to use the mobile wallet from a mobile browser than as an app.
Try out these mobile wallets and let us know how you liked them! Feel free to share with us, in the comments below, if you think any others should make it to this list!


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