5 Google Apps for Business


Google has launched itself in every digital aspect of our life. So, why not business? Apart from the Google Search, Google provides a set of other applications about which most of us are still clueless. So read on to know more about five Google apps for business enterprises which will make fanatics of neatness and organized work like Monica Geller go weak in the knees.




No, this is not a reference to the regular Gmail account which about a trillion of us use. Google provides customized emailing services for professionals where you can create your own domain name instead of using the regular website domain names such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. What’s more, setting up your account is just as easy and quick as creating your personal email ID, and it comes with tons of features such as video chats, better storage space and so much more. So, people who are still using their personal email accounts for work-Get Going.




Apart from the email service, this is obviously the most important application for businessmen. You can schedule your meetings, set important reminders and most importantly- if you are going through a divorce, it won’t be because you forgot your spouse’s birthday. Rest assured, Google Calendar will remind you. Jokes apart, the Calendar does possess some semblance of artificial intelligence, because it can automatically detect your flight schedules and other reservations through your mail.

So, all you have to do is remember to MAKE the appointments, and you are good to go!


Google Drive


So, you log in to your email account, start composing an email to your friend, start uploading your homework and-Hold On! It says the attachment size is too large.

Well, the good old days of technological disappointments are long gone. Google’s very own Cloud Storage not only allows you to send heavy file attachments in emails, it provides you with a free 15GB online storage space (more if you are willing to pay up).Moreover, you can access these uploaded files anywhere and if you use Chrome, you can access the said files offline too. And what if your hard disk crashes? No worries!! All your important documents will still be safe.


Google News


Time is money! And trying to sift through the newspaper trying to find the news relevant to you is wasting precious time. Enter the Google News. It does all the sifting work much more efficiently and will display the kind of news that fit into the user’s reading interests. It uses computer generation to accumulate news from various aspects of the world. This knowledge is incurred from various sources in order to provide categorized headlines to the user. The headlines are grouped and categorized according to similarities and the particular interests of the users. So all that poring over the newspaper? Waste of time.


Google Maps


You cannot possibly remember every nook and corner in your city. And if by some stroke of freakish genius you do prove that to be wrong, you’d still be lost when you travel to another city. Even more so, for people whose jobs require them to be always on the move, Google Maps is a Godsend. What’s more, you can set up your Work Location on the app through Google and hence your existing clients will be notified about the same. Having a listing on Google Maps is very advantageous for Small and Medium Business Enterprises especially for those without any Websites. It’s somewhat like the Yellow Pages of the Twenty First Century. So, if you aren’t already listed, you had better start working on obtaining a listing!

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