3 Free Antivirus Apps for Android


Computers have advanced much in recent years that they have transformed into handheld devices in the name of smart phones. It has transformed everyone’s life such that it has become a secondary brain of the user. The much preferred operating system of such phones is android.

With everything from personal to credit card details being stored in phone, security of the phone cannot be taken lightly. Care should be taken while installing apps. Certain third party apps do ask for various permissions like reading your contact details and sms which should be looked upon carefully before installing. Being vigilant is not possible at all times. Details are prone to be stolen if phone is lost.

Having all this in mind there are some apps which have been designed to help users to protect their phone’s security, find the phone in case it has been lost or stolen, and scan the apps for malware before installing and online backup.

Lookout security and antivirus


Developed by lookout mobile security, this app is averagely rated at 4.5. On installing this app one needs to create an account. With the account details the phone can be accessed online through lookout.com. This account helps in locating the device if it has been misplaced. An alarm can be triggered or it can also be located on Google maps. On checking the “Enable better protection” option it prevents malware from uninstalling this security app from phone. Details in phone can be backed up online using the created account. The phone can be locked remotely and data can be wiped off from the phone, remotely.

AntiVirus Free
This app is similar to Lookout security developed by AVG mobile technologies. What does this app do? Scans apps for malware, locks phone, kills tasks and helps in locating the phone. This app checks URL for safe surfing. Monitors battery and turns off notification when the battery is low. Data can be wiped from phone completely or, manually specific data to be wiped, be selected. Backup of data can be done on SD card. Device scanning can be scheduled or be done at demand which scans the whole device and improves performance of the phone by killing tasks.

Antivirus and Mobile security


This is a free anti-virus app developed by TrustGo. Its features include scheduled scanning of the device and secure search of apps and browsing. Additionally it also manages the batter consumption of the phone and does data backup and stores it in a cloud. This is one getting popular much these days and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by CNET. If you have lost your phone you can log on to the trustGo.com and lock your phone or wipe it clean. Also you can make it ring and locate it. A new feature has been introduced recently. Incase if someone tries to unlock your phone you will be immediately notified through a mail with details of location of the phone and also with the pic of who ever tried to unlock it.

There are more apps in market (free and paid) which provide similar functions. You can protect your phone using them.


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