10 Koramangala-Based Startups Doing Exceedingly Well


Welcome to our new blog post, where we take you on a journey exploring the bustling startup scene in Koramangala, the heart of Bangalore’s tech hub. This neighborhood is known for its high concentration of ambitious startups that are disrupting various industries with their innovative solutions. From groundbreaking fintech companies to promising e-commerce platforms, we’re about to delve into the stories of 10 Koramangala-based startups that are not just surviving, but truly thriving in today’s competitive market. So, buckle up and join us as we uncover the secrets behind their remarkable success.

Koramangala is known as the startup hub of Bangalore. So, we selected a few startups doing very well for themselves over the past year which are based out of this year.
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1. Lookup

Starting our list is Lookup, a chat-based commerce app that connects customers with local businesses. Founded in 2014, Lookup has revolutionized the way people shop in Koramangala, combining the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of local stores. Using Lookup, you can chat with local vendors, book appointments, order products, and even get customer support, all without leaving the comfort of your home. The app has been widely appreciated for its user-friendly interface and quick response time. Today, Lookup is expanding its services to other cities, with the aim of transforming local shopping across India.

Source: YourStory

Funding – Series A funding of $3 million from Biz Stone investors. Seed funding of $328 million 2015 by Kris Gopalakrishnan of MKS Instruments.

Founder’s Info – Deepak Ravindran the man behind LookUp is a serial entrepreneur having founded 2-3 other startups in various industries.

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Lookup aims to disrupt the local commerce industry in India which is capped at $750 billion using chat.

2. HackerEarth

Next up on our list is HackerEarth, an AI-powered technical recruitment platform that helps businesses source, screen, interview, and hire the best developers and technical talent. Founded in 2012, HackerEarth has significantly streamlined the recruitment process for many companies in Koramangala and beyond. Its platform provides coding tests and challenges that allow hiring teams to objectively evaluate candidates’ skills. Additionally, HackerEarth offers a community for developers where they can showcase their programming prowess, learn new skills, and connect with peers. The company’s innovative approach to technical recruitment has won it recognition and clients not only in India but globally.

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Funding – An undisclosed amount in 2013 from TA Ventures and seed funding of $500k in 2014 from AngelPrime.

Founder’s Info – HackerEarth was founded by Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash in 2012.

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HackerEarth provides technical recruitment solutions while also giving employers the opportunity to choose and hire the right candidates. They periodically conduct programming challenges and hackathons through which employers hire candidates for multiple tech-based roles.

3. Grabhouse

The third startup we’re spotlighting from Koramangala is Grabhouse, a community-based online exchange for finding rented accommodation. Launched in 2013, Grabhouse has changed the landscape of the rental property market. It uses a unique, peer-to-peer model, eliminating the need for brokers and making house hunting a much simpler and transparent process. With its user-friendly platform, prospective tenants can view property details, check out images, and directly connect with homeowners. The company’s innovative solution to a perennial problem has made it a favourite among renters, and it is steadily expanding its footprint across major cities in India.

Source: OfficeChai

Funding – Grabhouse has raised a total of $13 million through 4 rounds and from 3 investors. Their first round raised an undisclosed amount while they raised the highest amount of $10 million in their latest round of funding in 2015.

Founder’s Info – The founders of Grabhouse are two 25 year olds, Pankhuri Srivatsava and Prateek Shukla. The two founders started Grabhouse after they found it difficult to locate houses for rent in Mumbai.

Website –

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Grabhouse is an online portal which lets its users find flats, tenants, and flatmates without the interference of middlemen or brokers.

4. Instamojo

Our next Koramangala originator is Instamojo, a one-stop shop for all online selling needs. Founded in 2012, Instamojo provides a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to sell and collect payments online, simply and securely. Not just a payment gateway, Instamojo also offers free online stores where sellers can showcase their products or services. Its additional features include credit services, logistics support, and tailored business promotions. This multifaceted approach to online selling has earned Instamojo a rapidly growing user base, contributing significantly to the digitization of India’s vast small business sector.


Funding – Instamojo got an undisclosed amount through Series A funding from Blume Ventures, 500 Startups, and Kalaari Capital in 2014. They had earlier got a funding of $500k in 2013 from the seed funding round from multiple sources.

Founder’s Info – Instamojo was founded by Harshad Sharma, Sampad Swain, Akash Gehani, and Aditya Sengupta.

Website  –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instamojo was started to help out artists, small businessmen, tutors, freelancers and others with easy payment procedures. Through Instamojo, the above mentioned people can collect payment instantly. A unique link is provided to the person collecting the payment, which they can share on social media and also embed the link on their website and blogs, if any.

5. Wooplr

The fifth startup in our list hailing from Koramangala is Wooplr, a social commerce company that is revolutionizing the way we shop online. Established in 2013, Wooplr offers a unique platform where users can discover fashion from all around the world, curated by a community of stylish individuals. The platform blends social networking and e-commerce, allowing users to share their personal style and shop from each other’s wardrobes. Wooplr’s unique, community-driven approach to online shopping has made it a popular choice for fashion-forward individuals seeking a more personalized shopping experience. The company has grown rapidly, with a presence now extending well beyond Koramangala and across the globe.

Source: Wooplr

Funding – Wooplr received $5 million in the Series A funding in 2015 from Helion Venture Partners.

Founder’s Info – Praveen Rajaratnam, Arjun A Zacharia, Soumen Sarkar, and Ankit Sabharwal, the founders of Wooplr, are ex-employees of McAfee.

Twitter –

Wooplr is a hyper-local discovery platform. This helps connect people with businesses in their city. This is based on the interests, location of the user, and also their social circles. This helps businesses get more customers via word-of-mouth marketing.


6. Explara

The sixth startup on our list is Explara, a Koramangala-based event technology platform. Since its inception in 2009, Explara has been providing an all-in-one platform for event organizers to manage ticketing, event registrations, and digital marketing seamlessly. Catering to a broad range of events, including workshops, conferences, and concerts, Explara allows organizers to focus on creating memorable experiences while it handles administrative details. The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features have made it a favorite among event organizers globally, extending its outreach beyond Koramangala to an international audience.

Source: Jobspire

Funding – Explara secured an undisclosed amount of funding in 2013 from Blume Ventures, Srijan Capital, and HBS Alumni Angels.

Founder’s Info – Explare was founded by Ashok Kumar and Santosh Panda.

Website –

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Explara is a platform for events and to organize events easily. It helps in ticketing, payment collection, sales and promotions, and all other activities related to managing an event.

7. Furlenco

Next on our list is Furlenco, a breakthrough startup in the furniture rental space. Launched in 2012 in Koramangala, Furlenco has been challenging traditional notions of furniture ownership by offering handy, cost-effective rental solutions. Their wide array of stylish and functional furniture, from bedroom to living room sets, is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of today’s urban dwellers. The simple online ordering process and free delivery & setup make it incredibly convenient for customers, especially in the fast-paced lifestyle of metropolitan cities. Furlenco’s innovative model is not only making high-quality furniture more accessible but also promoting a more sustainable, less wasteful approach to furnishing homes. With an expanding presence in major cities across India, this Koramangala startup is carving a distinct niche in the furniture industry.

Source: Ambitionbox

Funding – Furlenco managed to raise $6 million Series A funding from Lightbox Ventures in 2015.

Founder’s Info – Ajith Mohan Karimpana is the brains behind the startup, Furlenco which was founded in 2012.

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Furlenco is a startup based out of Bangalore and the country’s only Home Furniture Subscription program. It was started when the founder, Ajit, found it difficult to find well-designed yet affordable furniture to rent for his home. It helps people rent sophisticated and classy yet affordable furniture to rent for their home.

8. Momoe

Momoe, a creative startup in the fintech sector, stands out as one of Koramangala’s success stories. Incepted in 2014, Momoe enables swift and secure mobile payments at brick-and-mortar stores, making transactions a breeze for both consumers and retailers. Its innovative app allows users to pay using their smartphones in restaurants, grocery stores, and even local cabs. By reducing the need for physical cash and cards, Momoe is making strides in the world of cashless transactions, aligning with the digital transformation sweeping across sectors. The startup’s user-friendly interface, secure payment gateway, and top-notch customer service have helped it rapidly gain acceptance in Bangalore and beyond. Despite being a relatively young entrant in the competitive fintech space, Momoe’s commitment to convenience and security has distinguished it as a promising player.

Source: The Yellow Turmeric

Funding – Momoe raised $1.2 million funding in the seed round in 2015 from India Quotient, Jungle Ventures, and IDG Ventures, India.

Founder’s Info – The mobile wallet platform, Momoe was founded by Utkarsh Biradar, Neelesh Bam, Ganesh balakrishnan, Karthik Vaidyanathan, and Aiman Ashraf.

Website –

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Momoe is a startup focused on the mobile wallet space. This app helps you pay your utility bills, and cable bills and offers other such facilities without the need to physically go to the center and pay. You can take care of all such payments within the comfort of your seat.

9. SignEasy

SignEasy is another startup making waves in the bustling Koramangala tech scene. Launched in 2010, SignEasy provides a simple and secure solution for businesses and individuals to digitally sign and send documents. In an increasingly digital world, where remote work and online transactions are the norm, SignEasy’s e-signature platform is a game-changer. With SignEasy, users can create legally binding signatures from anywhere in the world, without the need for printing, scanning, or couriering documents. Its intuitive interface, seamless integration with popular business tools, and top-tier security protocols have made it a preferred choice for over 7 million users worldwide. Despite the crowded digital document market, SignEasy’s consistent focus on user experience and innovation sets it apart.


Funding – SignEasy is a completely bootstrapped startup.

Founder’s Info – Sunil Patro, having struggled to find printers when he had to sign important documents, founded SignEasy.

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SignEasy eliminates the need to go in search of a printer to print the documents and a scanner to scan the signed documents. All you have to do is add your digital signature to documents which require your signature. SignEasy has integration facility so files from your Drive or Dropbox can easily be downloaded and using the SignEasy app, can add your digital signature.

10. Zipdial

ZipDial is a startup that has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers. Founded in 2010 in Koramangala, ZipDial leverages the power of missed calls for marketing purposes. Its ingenious platform allows businesses to engage with their customers through a series of missed calls, which act as triggers for a variety of actions like customer feedback, voting, and even purchasing. This strategy is particularly effective in emerging markets, where data usage may be limited or expensive. With its unique business model, ZipDial has attracted high-profile clients like Unilever, P&G, and Disney, proving its mettle in the expansive marketing sector. ZipDial’s cost-effective and inclusive approach positions it as an innovative front-runner in customer engagement strategies.

Source: Twitter

Funding – Zipdial has managed to raise undisclosed amounts of funding from four investors.

Founder’s Info – Zipdial was founded by Valerie Wagoner who is also the Senior Director of Growth at Twitter.

Website –

Facebook –

Zipdial is a platform that lets brands on a global level connect completely with their customers. It is basically a consumer intelligence platform that is pending patent.

Know of other startups based in Koramangala and doing very well? Feel free to share with us their names, in the comments below.


To sum up, Koramangala has proven itself as a thriving hub for startups that are making waves not only in India but on a global scale. These companies, like ZipDial, are disrupting traditional sectors with unique business models and innovative strategies, showcasing the dynamism and entrepreneurship that characterizes Koramangala. This area continues to attract ambitious entrepreneurs and investors, given its conducive ecosystem for startup growth. We look forward to seeing more startups flourish in Koramangala, contributing to India’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape. If you know of any other Koramangala-based startups that are doing exceedingly well, feel free to drop their names in the comments section.

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