10 Jobs for the Travel Lover in You


If you’re the type of person who can’t sit still in one place and wish to travel and explore, we have put together 10 jobs for the travel lover in you!

Tourist Guide

One of the most obvious career choices if you are a travel lover, is becoming a tourist guide. Depending on where you stay and what the procedure is, you can become a certified travel guide and show people around where you stay and other cities in your state.


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Wedding Photographer

Travel and photography are a great combination. If your photographs of weddings earn your bread and butter, even better! Combine the two and you have the perfect career for you – a wedding photographer. Being a wedding photographer, you are exposed to various cultures and get to interact with numerous people from all walks of life, thereby enriching your outlook towards life as whole.


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Event Planning

Helping and coordinating large-scale events and trade shows normally held in different cities gives you the opportunity to travel as well as train to get better at your trade. Normally, you will be required to be at the venue right from setting up the venue to breaking down the setup.


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Flight Attendant

Being on board a plane as a flight attendant is probably one of the most exciting jobs one can ask for, if you love travel. Imagine seeing two places on every flight. It is a dynamic role requiring you to be on your toes for most part of the journey, yet an exciting role.


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Retail Buyer

If you are into fashion and love travel at the same time, then getting into the retail buying space is what you should aim for. While you monitor inventory in the store, you also get opportunities to attend trade shows, conferences and travel for buying purposes. This way you get the opportunity to travel not just within the country but also abroad depending on the company’s needs.


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Work at an International Chain of Hotels

You love working in the hotel industry and travelling. So, why not get into the hotel industry? The opportunity to travel is immense if you end up getting through an international chain of hotels since you can shift to another branch of the same hotel thereby getting the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally.


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Travel Agent

These days, when making travel plans is a click away, many are under the wrong impression that the role of the travel agent is dead. But, that is not so. Many travel agents travel to various destinations to experience first hand the different aspects of travelling to those places.


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Travel Blogger

If you have a penchant for writing as much as you do for travelling, them simply combine the two and become a travel blogger! With blogging as an industry blooming, it is not difficult to find sponsored trips to various destinations. Simply tie-up with travel companies and get writing!


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Recruitment Solutions

If you like interacting with students yet do not wish to become a teacher, then recruitment is an option you should consider. Recruitment is something that will take you to different colleges and universities in the pursuit of the best talent for the various roles in different companies.


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When you’re an archaeologist, you get numerous opportunities to travel to different cities, countries and sometimes even continents. So, once you complete a degree in archaeology, look for the right job and you get the chance to travel the world while exploring different sites during your fieldwork.


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Now you know what to take up, to fulfill your wish of travelling while you earn simultaneously! Feel to free share with us, in the comments below, any other jobs that a travel lover can take up.


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