10 Amazing Facts about Pregnancy



One of the best miracles in a woman’s life is pregnancy. The whole idea is about a child growing inside your body. This is such a great achievement for any woman, the power to give life to another. It is absolutely incredible.

There are obviously many uncomfortable and difficult times that a woman has to undergo through the process of pregnancy, but every mother is willing to bear all this gladly for the sake of her child. There will be weight gain, swollen ankles and the need to go to the loo almost every 10 minutes. But undoubtedly the end result will be the best gift that any woman can ever receive in her lifetime.


Here we bring to you 10 amazing facts about pregnancy

  1. Eating can turn out to be a big effort. Starting from morning sickness to many other uncomfortable situations through the duration of the day makes eating a difficult process.
  2. During such situations, you will be advised to eat this and that to help your baby grow. But at times when you will actually be hungry, you will end up eating like a dinosaur.
  3. The ever flowing opinions from everybody. A pregnant woman is always over flown with pregnancy advises from everywhere. But this can certainly confuse the pregnant lady and so it is best to go with a single opinion.
  4. You may or may not be a glowing goddess during your pregnancy. For some women, pregnancy is a period of beauty and glamour and again for some women it is absolutely the opposite. Many women are affected with mood swings which can at times get really terrible. Again for some women they might get extra energy due to pregnancy.
  5. Sometimes hearing about the fact that stress can be harmful for the baby can in itself get stressful. However, a person cannot stay without stressing and researches say that a moderate amount is not bad for the baby’s development.
  6. Avoiding risks is the most important thing to be kept in mind during pregnancy but if you panic to reduce the risks, then that will negatively impact the mother as well as the fetus’s health.
  7. Mood swings will rule than the hormones. It is the most common symptom that every pregnant woman has to deal with.
  8. Birth is absolutely an unpredictable event so it is best to keep an open birth plan beforehand.
  9. Pregnant women get tense about the delivery period. There is no use in fretting about the delivery as the baby will eventually be born when it has to. Till then you will just have to take utmost care of it.
  10. The most surprising fact about pregnancy, which not many realize is that it is a practice for parenting. When a woman gets pregnant, she automatically becomes a mother and her husband becomes the father. They practice parenthood by taking care of the fetus right from the beginning of the pregnancy period.
  11. Researches and studies show that exercising during pregnancy helps a lot at the time of labour.

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