[C Tutorial 2] The Building Blocks of C


If you look at any program in C – you’ll find that it’s actually made up of various “functions”. A function is a basic building block of every C program. All the code that we write is a part of a C function.

The “main function” in C is called the “main function”. It is the first function your compiler is gonna look for. Apart from the main function, we can define and use our own functions.

Also, Some functions are used very commonly and cannot be defined again & again in every program – like functions to get input and show output – these are already defined in a standard program and can be used in our own program by “including” their source file. These files of code included in our program for ready-made functions are called header files.


Now, all the code & the syntax goes inside these functions. We begin coding in the next tutorial. Get ready to write your first C program.


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