Top 5 Mistakes That Applicants Make While Writing A Resume


Having finished your course are you awaiting to get into a job? Wondered why you never got any response goosejacka from any of the companies which you have applied for?
Then you must have done something wrong in the way you had applied for.
Yes,the recruiters wouldn’t have been impressed with the way you had presented and here is a list of the top 5 Mistakes that an applicant makes in his resume while applying for canada goose jacka jobs.



1.Lengthy Resumes

Many of us think that a lengthy resume about all our details would impress the recruiter and make us get shortlisted. But the actual thing is that recruiters don’t read our resume but only give a skim to each of our’s resume for just 30 seconds and not more than that.So even though you are a very ideal candidate you lose your golden opportunity by the way you present it with lengthy resumes. An Ideal Resume for a Fresher should be within a page and a max of 1 and half page and not more than that. So its good to present only the important things in a single page of your resume.

2.Copying Resume Templates

This is the most common mistake that most of the people do.When some one posts a model resume online most of the applicants simply copy the resume and edit it along with their names and details which when reviewed by the recruiters make him think you to be one among the ten who copied the resume.So prepare your own resume exhibiting your skills in your own creative way so that it stands out from the other resume and impresses the recruiter.

3. Short Bullets

Use Bullets to represent the things which you want to express rather than accomplishing them in the form of paragraphs. Bullets give us a brief outlook and makes it simple and neat and presentable. Sometimes bullets are mistaken as a bunch of points and people summarize more than two or three points in a bullet. Not to exceed a line for each bullet so that the resume looks neat and attractive to be read.

4.Adding Irrelevant Information

Sometimes you tend to add irrelevant information as you don’t have anything else to fill up your resume which leaves a bad remark on the recruiters viewing your resume.People usually tend to add irrelevant information like Marital Status,Hobbies,Interests and other details which any recruiter won’t be willing to read and would make him/her to move on the next resume.Also instead of listing out the group projects add what was your contribution to the project and what are your individual skills that was contributed for your group project.

5.Grammatical Errors

This is one of the most common mistake people do while making a resume.They make some grammatical errors and typographical errors knowingly and unknowingly. For e.g People still have the habit of including apostrophe in Your’s faithfully which should be written as Yours faithfully.And also they tend to exaggerate and misuse some words and make the resume look messy.Its advisable to use simple English and avoid grammatical errors using spell check.

Yes these are the things that you should have in your mind while preparing your resume and prepare different resumes for different openings as the same resume won’t help you in getting a job all the time.Keep updating your resume according to the need and when necessity arises do design your resume depending upon where you apply for.

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  1. It all depends on the Recruiter… Period. “It takes a recruiter 30 secs to make a Fit or No Fit decision”… Really, so in other words your name and the opening objective… They could care less about the resume’ until the Hiring Manager gets on them to find qualified applicants to interview…
    Write a headline that positions you as a must-see candidate, and you’ll get seen!
    But that’s not easy, you may say: true, but nobody knows better than you, who you are.

    • Mani Bharathi on

      Well said. But these days when you are asked to fill the career form for any company,
      they ask you to enter a resume headline below which you are asked to attach the resume.
      So I thought that it’s not needed in the resume again.
      And yeah I agree with all the other points which you stated.
      Thanks for your feedback :)