The Sound of the Universe


The essence of all mantras, the mool mantra or root mantra, the sound of existence. the sound of the cosmos is the sound of OM(AUM). Well, it’s not even sound really, it is rather a vibration with a frequency that sets all the atoms in the body & the universe & the metaverse vibrating. The word is not just a sound as its existence does not require us to say it. It’s always there. It’s there in everything.


And when we do chant it, it sets all the atoms of our body vibrating with its own frequency, & hence, you vibrate with the frequency of the sound of the universe-you are in harmony with the universe. The electromagnetic waves generated of this frequency heal you and the universe. You may relate this to the equipment used in Physiotherapy & to Georges Lakhovsky’s Theory.

Well, you don’t really need theories to feel the power of Om by simply closing your eyes and chanting it a few times. Yogi’s can feel it in meditation deep inside them without the need of even chanting it.


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