The Beauty Of Mathematics


Mathematics is an art form. It is also the language of other art forms like music & poetry. It is the language of nature & Nature is Beautiful. Most men who have not studied the subject in depth, will find this amusing. As far as the mathematician is concerned, he is well familiar with this beauty. When you get sudden results out of nothing. Thats beauty. When new relations & expressions combine together like atoms to give an expression-a molecule. Thats beauty. When your thoughts & insights take the form of a mathematical equation. Thats beauty. Finding a relation between totally different concepts & observations. Thats beauty. The greatest example of the last point above is the Fundamental Theorm of Calculus which relates two TOTALLY different concepts-Finding instantaneous rates of change & finding areas of surfaces. The two concepts are related together by this theorm. One of the most beautiful equations in Mathematics is the Euler’s Indentity.

Euler's Identity


One of the most beautiful equations in mathematics is the Euler’s identity which relates the numbers e Ï€, & i my favourite number 0 & my second favourite number 1 . There is beauty in mathematical methods, the results of the methods, the applications of these results. Read more about the Euler’s Equation on The Math Less Travelled.


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