Solve Slow PC Issues with Ready Boost


Solve Slow Speed PC Issues With Ready Boost

Are you constantly in dilemma of changing your RAM, or increase it by 1 GB, then stop for a while and read below, you are about to discover a simple and effective solution. And that solution is Ready Boost! Does the word sound familiar..?? If no, read on to find it out. Ready Boost is a disk cache component in Microsoft Windows, you simply need a flash memory like a USB Pendrive or SD card to serve the purpose.

There is no download or installation needed as the feature of Ready Boost is already inbuilt in Windows, Vista onwards. Incase your inbuilt system isn’t offering you this option you can externally download a software from any popular site by searching ‘ready boost for windows’ and install it by clicking next- next and finish at last.

An Interesting fact: Windows 7 can handle 8 flash memory devices for Ready Boost offering storage upto 256 GB.

1. Plug in the USB in the USB port

you see a AutoPlay dialogue box popped up asking you whether to open the folder to view files or use the drive for backup or speed up the system using Ready Boost. click on the third option.



2. Right click on the drive displaying your Pendrive

 Go to Properties-> Ready Boost->Use this Device

321 (437x594)

And move the cursor on the bar indicating how much space you want to reserve for your System speed which means it won’t be available for storage. This device functions as an extended cache memory (or an extended RAM, if you so please), thus files which are frequently accessed stay in there and are quickly accessible the next time you want to open it. It would have taken longer time had the file been fetched from the Disk.

3. To turn Ready Boost off, click on ‘Do not use this device’.

Umm i can sense some garden thoughts in your mind of replacing the RAM with this USB storage, but mind you USB storage is slower than RAM and this Ready Boost is useful when atleast you have some RAM. If you already have high RAM in your PC or Laptop then Ready Boost won’t be that helpful.

The same can be done a Ubuntu Linux PC while Mac people don’t bother this concept, rather they advise people to get a bigger SSD.


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