How to rock a red lipstick and not look slutty


After Aishwarya Rai rocked Cannes with a purple lipstick, she became an object of troll…  The color of the lipstick became almost as important as the dress she wore! Red is the color many shy away from, nonetheless  you never actually need a reason to paint your lips red…

Red is the most luscious color visible to human eyes and yet can make a lady look trashy if not worn right.


So here are 10 ways you can paint the town red with a classy smudge look.

Ask yourself…

Red lipstick definitely brings out the seduction factor, so when you plan on using one, make sure you are aware of its consequences.. ☺ Know what we mean?


…And then ask a guy

Guys find red lipsticks too hot to handle… and they would perfectly tell you the occasions when you can smudge the shade. So trust his instincts…

Alert: If it’s a No, drop the guy. It has nothing do with being possessive.


Avoid falling for the celebrity trap

There have been a handful of class iconic celebrities who are known for their mushy red lips. But, there are many more who don’t always get it right. Likes of Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Snooki…Kardashians and the list goes on.


Don’t do this either

Red lipstick on men? We know at least one who almost outdid the community.


Be yourself

It does not really matter what the world thinks of you. As long as the red stays on your lips, you are absolutely fine in your skin.


Don’t kill anyone, or even pretend to have done that

You are wearing the red to win hearts… Even if you (wearing a red lipstick) have killed someone, wipe your hands off it… Don’t jeopardize the reputation of the red gloss.


Pucker Up like a Pro


Does your crush hardly notice you? Dab some red and show him your fan following.

Turn into an instant selfie queen with a series of pictures showing your slithering red lips in action. And don’t forget to let us know how your date went!

Don’t give a damn

Be oblivious to attention. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the attention and watch the people around you burn under your scarlet red burlesque.


Dress impeccably

High heels and pearls- the unassailable partner in crime for a lady with red lipstick.


Red Lipstick Guide for First time Users

Have fears that a deep neck, backless tunic will draw unwanted attention from Mars? Getting dressed for a party using this check list might help…


No one dares an NGO Activist

An NGO volunteer and red lipstick!!! Hmmm… Mystery, isn’t it? Well, there are prolific NGOs that have red lips symbolizing their mission and existence.

Don’t believe us?

Follow these.



Read a book…

Book in hand with a pair of glasses parked over the bridge… and sultry lips warmed by the tension between the novel lines… Need we say more! We call her damsel in distress. Help her find the way back to jovial living.

And No, comic strips don’t count as sexy reading habit. Get real books.


… So that you can give Intellectual Orgasm

Men love women who talk smart. And when you talk to a girl painted in red, you know there is a touch of chemistry right there. So ladies, know your words well.


Kick that butt…

No smoking please! Strictly addressed to lips who love to sport red. We don’t want your lovely reds to smell and feel like burnt rubber.


Red lipsticks have a flattering appeal, a magnetising aura, something that only sex can give. May be, that’s why we would love to wipe off the word “slutty” and replace it with sensuous, classy and seductive.





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