How to Remove Yourself from Facebook Public Search


Whenever I think of a social network, the thing that first comes in my mind is privacy. And if you are among those, who don’t want your profile to show up in the Facebook public search, then here is a brief how to guide on how to do so.

Facebook Profile Search Engine 1-facebook public search

To remove yourself from the Facebook Public Search, just follow the following steps:

1) Click on the Gear button in the extreme right hand side of your Facebook homepage and select the privacy settings option.

Facebook Profile Search Engine 2-facebook public search

2) Now you will have to edit the settings option that links the search engines to your Facebook timeline. Keep this option as off.

Facebook Profile Search Engine 3-facebook public search

Please note:
  • When this setting is on, it is easier for other search engines to link to your timeline in search results.
  • If you turn off this setting, it may take a while for search engines to stop showing the link to your timeline in their results.



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