How to Use Facebook Stickers in Facebook Chat and Facebook Comments


Facebook launched Facebook Stickers for desktop Facebook chat users in around July 2013. Facebook stickers then evolved to a sticker store where stickers of your known movies, characters, and cartoons are available. This post covers the following:

A. Using Facebook stickers in Facebook chat
B. Getting new stickers from the Facebook sticker store
C. Using Facebook stickers in Facebook comments

A. Using Facebook stickers in Facebook chat

Most of us would have already used Facebook stickers in their Facebook chat. For those who haven’t; Simply open a chat window and find the smiley on the bottom-right corner of the Facebook chat window. If you click on the smiley, you will find a set of smileys that can be used in your Facebook chat. Along with the smiley, you will have new tabs for stickers where you can go and see the stickers belonging to that particular set as shown below:

facebook stickers chat

Here, you can work with any of the stickers displayed in the default Facebook sticker sets. However, to get new stickers apart from these, you need to go to the Facebook sticker store.

B. Getting new stickers from the Facebook sticker store

To access the Facebook sticker store, all you need to do is click on the top-right “basket” icon of your Facebook chat window. This will take you to the sticker store as shown below:

facebook sticker store

Once you enter the store, you can see that it has a number of options right from Cut the Rope stickers to Despicable Me stickers. In the store, you can browse and add any of the sticker sets by clicking on the “Free” button as shown below:

sticker store

The installed sticker sets will be added to your Facebook chat window and will be ready for use in your Facebook chat. You will be able to see new tabs for all the installed sticker sets in the Chat window and you can start using your new sticker sets in chats:


C. Using Facebook Stickers in Facebook Comments

Clearly, there is no direct method of using Facebook stickers in Facebook comments like comments on posts / photos / etc. Lets have a look at the following conversation before moving forward:

facebook stickers in comments

As you can see, there is still a way out if you really love Facebook stickers and would like to use them in your Facebook comments. We use the fact that Facebook allows using images in comments and that stickers are nothing but images (plain or animated ones).

Unfortunately, you will not be able to directly copy the image from your Facebook chats but you can copy them from their original source which can be seen in any of the browsers using the “View source” / “Inspect Element” options. Some examples of the source URLs are mentioned below:

Big Smiley:
Cut the Rope 1:
Cut the Rope 2:

All you need to do is just go to the URL, right click on the image and then copy and paste it in your Facebook comments. You might find this method long, but you can actually create a page will all the stickers together and then copy paste every time you want to use them.

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