Differences between WCDMA & CDMA2000



Major differences between WCDMA (3GPP) & CDMA2000 (3GPP2) standards for CDMA-based 3G implementations:

Parameter WCDMA CMDA2000
Carrier Spacing : spacing between CDMA operators to obtain channel protection 5 MHz 3.75 MHz
Chip Rate : number of DSSS pulses per second; a chip is a pulse of DSSS code 4.096 MHz 3.68 MHz
Spreading Factor : SF=(Chip Rate)/(Data Rate) Higher Lower
Power Control Frequency : the output power of the transmitter is controlled by itself at this frequency 1500 Hz 800 Hz
Frame Duration : the time duration of a frame;between beginning and end of the frame. 10 ms 20 ms (also uses 5, 30, 40 ms frames)
Base Stations : base stations may or may not need synchronous timings Asynchronous Synchronous
Forward Link Pilot : The pilot is a channel modulated only by the PN (Pseudo Noise) spreading codes TDM, Dedicated pilot CDM, Common Pilot
Antenna Beam Forming : used for directional signal transmission & reception TDM, Dedicated pilot Auxiliary pilot

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