How to Deactivate Blackberry Services on Airtel Prepaid



Scroll down to understand how to deactivate Blackberry services on your Airtel prepaid.

Airtel has various plans that provide Blackberry services like emails, Blackberry messenger, and internet browsing. You can find a list of these services and instructions on how to activate them at this link.

However, instructions to deactivate Blackberry services are not mentioned anywhere. The customer care (121) fails to help. The Customer Care tells you to call the blackberry helpline (7070) but it’s still of no use.

If you subscribe for a weekly plan, it will be auto-renewed in case there is sufficient balance in your prepaid account. Please use the following instructions to stop auto-renewal or deactivate blackberry services on your Airtel prepaid:

SMS UNWBIS to 121 to deactivate Blackberry internet Services (BIS) | These can be reactivated by sending WBIS to 121

Also, for people who have activated the personal mail plan (Rs 299 plan) – SMS UNPMP to 121 to deactivate Blackberry Personal Mail Plan (PMP)

You should get an sms reply from 121 confirming that the services have been deactivated. And, of course, to activate Blackberry services, just sms airtelbb to 121. Hope this helps.


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