What to do When Computer Switches On but Nothing Happens?


In today’s world, everything is being computerized. Whether you are a student submitting his assignment, an employee working on a new project or just thinking of entertaining yourself by watching or listening to music, it can seriously be very frustrating if your computer or laptop won’t turn on. If someone asks what the symptoms of this circumstance were, the most common answer of the user is- nothing happens.

The reasons that can be little expensive are:

  • Some problem in your RAM.
  • Your motherboard is not working.
  • Your hardware needs replacement.

The viable solution can be to replace them. The following steps can help ease this procedure for you:

1.)    Check whether your laptop is plugged in: It happens many a times that the battery runs out and we forget to charge it well. So first step is very simple to follow, Charge it. If it still doesn’t work. Take out your battery (situated at the downward face of your laptop) and re-insert it. If it is a computer, check that it is plugged in properly.

2.)    Computer is on and it displays nothing:

  • For computer:When we turn on the computer there is sound of a fan moving. If you have a computer, check CPU, if it is on and you can hear the fan working then check whether your monitor is switched on too. A yellow light will be coming from a small indicator on the monitor. If your computer is on but nothing is displayed on the monitor. There is a chance your monitor is not working properly. Check it by connecting it with some spare monitor if available. Screen_n_power.svg
  • For laptop:If you have a laptop and it is on but nothing is displayed on the screen, do not panic. There can be various reasons for it. The most common and easiest to handle is that you pressed by mistake the projector shortcut key made on your laptop. Generally F1, F4 or F5 keys with a picture of laptop and projector depicts this. The solution to it is press it again. And if still doesn’t work, turn off your laptop, reinsert your battery and turn it on again. In most of the cases it works. Otherwise there is a possibility of hardware problem.


3.)    It turns on and off:

  • The first reason can be loose connections, reconnect your computer (check all the wires where it is going and note it on a piece of paper and then reconnect It). Take a help of more technological handy person if you can.
  • The second reason for it can be problem in the power button: This button is situated in the front of the computer’s case. There can be a possibility that it is shorting out. If you suspects there is a problem in it, replace it. Power_Button
  • For laptops: The most common reason is the temperature. If there is not a laptop cooler for it or no proper ventilation is provided then it can cause this. So turn the laptop off. Keep it cool for few minutes. Don’t charge it even. Then restart the laptop. See to it that temperature (over heating) is not soaring high this time. The other reason can be bad battery (try replacing it with some other one).

Know your limitations:

It should be taken care that a laptop or a computer is a device and we have professionals (especially trained people) to attend to our troubles. If these basic steps are not easing your problems then it is best solution to seek help from an expert or a professional. It is because there are some things that are beyond our abilities. Not everyone can be a technical expert. If the computer or your laptop needs repair, see to it that it is worthwhile. If it is costing you a lot, remember there is a chance it won’t be the first and last problem.


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