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If “Electronics” = 010110100110000 & “Engineering” = 001000000010000, Then find the equivalent representation for “Communication”?


[spoiler intro=”Hint”]Code the alphabet[/spoiler]


[spoiler intro=”Solution”]Communication is 11000001010101111. If you look at the representations for electronics & engineering – you’ll find that they are both 15-digit binary representations for 11-letters alphabets. The last 4 digits are simply redundant bits and will be considered later.

So, we’re basically left with “Electronics” = 01011010011 & “Engineering” = 00100000001 which gives a single digit for each letter in the words. So, it’s just alphabets with a coding scheme. Each alphabet has a corresponding bit.

Look more closely, and you’ll find the following pattern –





& so on.. which easily gives the equivalent for communication as 1100000101010

Now for the tricky part – the 4 redundant bits in this case would be 1 since, the last bit of the 11-digit representation is 0. Hence, giving 11000001010101111. Easy.




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