[C++ Tutorial 1] The Basics


Hello world! I just thought maybe a bunch of C++ tutorial could help. So here they are. To start with, a program is a simply, a set of instructions for the computer to do. The programmer is he who makes the instructions. And the language in which they are written is the programming language.

Low-Level VS High-Level Language

Now, just like you, your computer has its own languages-called the low-level languages(these are the ones your computer knows but they’re hard for you to understand). Then there are the ones which resemble your language including words like if, else, while, for called the high-level languages(these are the ones you know but your computer does not).


Now, a compiler is just another program which makes your high-level languages understandable to your computer. It is a translator that translates the code written in a high-level language into assembly language(low-level). So, the first thing you need is the compiler. I use Dev C++. You can use whichever you like. (The most popular being Visual C++).

Programming PARADIGM

This is more theoretical and would not much really affect your coding skills, but anyhow-a paradigm is a style of programming. For instance, a procedural paradigm would concentrate on the sequence of the program, a generic paradigm would concentrate on generalization concepts like templates, etc. C++ is a multi-paradigm language.

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