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If you want a forum on your wordpress blog/site, you can choose one of the following options :

Option 1 – Integrate a forum running on a script like bbPress/phpBB/vBulletin/smf/etc with your wordpress blog – Choose this if you already have the forum set up and running. Will need some work, some plugins might make the job easier.

Option 2 – Use a wordpress forum plugin – these plugins are designed solely to add forums on a wordpress site. This is the best, the easiest and the fastest way to get a fully functioning forum on your wordpress installation. It is as easy as adding a new page on your wordpress blog – which is exactly what it is!


This post will help you through the steps to implement Option 2.Now, the obvious question is – Which Forum Plugin to Choose? – And the answer is Mingle Forum. After testing all the available ones – i choose to use Mingle Forums. Though you can also the others (each one has its own advantages).

As usual, here are the steps to implement Option 2 :


Step 1 – Install Mingle Forum


Just go to the it’s download page on wordpress and Download the latest version. I can bet that it will be compatible with your WordPress version. Then just upload the files in the /wp-content/plugins/ folder using your ftp.


Step 2 – Visit your Dashboard to Configure the Plugin

migle_forum_wordpress_plugin Now you need to visit your WordPress dashboard and look for the Mingle Forum SettingsYou’ll find something like the image on the right.

There you can choose the options for the forum, add new categories and forums, manage mods & other user groups & also change the theme of your forum.

It’ll be advisable to choose a skin that looks similar to your blog theme.



Step 3 – Add the Forum on a New Page

This is easier than you think – Just create a new page and add the short code [mingleforum]. That’s it, now view the page to go to your forum. Start inviting & posting, Have fun :)





– I just started using mingle forum on Durofy. Check it out to see what it looks like. (Notice that I’ve removed the sidebar from the forum page)




  • You can add the forum on a post as well
  • Create a template to remove sidebar from your forum page.
  • Change the skin of the forum. Use a redirect plugin to redirect users straight to the forum after they log in and skip the Dashboard
  • Get support/help for the plugin.
  • Put Adsense on your forum – there are already settings to do this.

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